Will You Escape? is the first escape room in Tucson.  Your group, comprised of friends, family, colleagues, or strangers are locked in a room together.  Your objective is to solve riddles, uncover clues and crack codes in order to escape in time.  The game is designed to test your problem solving skills with friends or with complete strangers while racing against the clock.  

Will you disarm the bomb, find Captain Steelhook's treasure, or solve a serial killer case?

Do you have what it takes?  Will you make it out in time?  


Will You Escape Secret Agent.jpg

Secret Agent Room

Difficulty: Hard

50% success rate

Agent Q, our top secret agent at WYE, has disappeared after being suspected of the deadly crime in Hollywood. She has hidden her location somewhere in her office. It is up to your team of agents to pinpoint her location.  We must warn you though. Upon leaving her office, our agent set a bomb to go off in 60 minutes from the time you enter. The code to disarm the bomb is hidden in the room.

Captain Steelhook's Treasure - Will You Escape?

Captain Steelhook's Treasure

Difficulty: Difficult and Challenging

40% success rate

Ahoy Mateys!  The notorious Captain Steelhook has boarded and captured your ship!  You and your loyal crew are being held captive in his brig while he plunders and pillages the village to add to his stash of pirate booty.  He will be returning in 60 minutes.  You and your trusty mates must find his treasure trove in order to escape.  'Cause, if he returns and catches you then you'll be walkin' the plank! 


Serial Killer

Difficulty: Hard

50% success rate

A serial killer donned “The Rumpelstiltskin” has YOU and 3 of your friends. In 45 minutes, he will return to commit his next gruesome crime. That is, unless you can escape him!

Players will be blindfolded and possibly handcuffed.




Will You Escape is the first live escape game in Tucson.  We are the #1 Escape Room in Tucson Arizona according to TripAdvisor.  Why?  We are a boutique escape room and we STRIVE to make sure everyone has a 5 star experience.  Don't believe us?  Check out our reviews.  We also limit the number of people allowed in the room so everyone can participate.  

Need another reason? We are a women owned local business.